Inside the previous few years Hyundai's increase seems nearly easy

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Within the previous couple of years Hyundai's increase seems nearly easy. Every year they improve sales, great economy or poor. The merchandise aren't what we should remember ten years back. The core of Hyundai's brand strategy could be the top quality for buck from the vehicles, the brand new Hyundai Elantra 2012 is not any exclusion. Whilst just opinion the styling appears to get good reactions through many people. It is going to never become mistaken for a few of competitors such as the Honda Social or Mercedes Cruze. Because great since the car seems, this might be probably the most competitive section inside the car company. The brand new Hyundai will need to fight challenging win devoted Honda and Toyota clients, along with pulled ahead of the various less costly products.

Inside the car is spacious and well merged The heating and ventilation controls inside the centre collection are perfectly designed and originally organized, are usually still super easy to make use of. Our GL examination car included bluetooth along with a USB press slot. The bluetooth program will even load your contacts through the smartphone into their memory enabling you to speed switch without needing to store colleagues first. Inside materials appear just a little cheap are usually soft to touch and feel well made. The seat features a nice selection of adjustment and also the controls each tilts and telescopes. Additionally worth an email could be the special type of the rear through the controls. You will find unique indents which contour really nicely for your fingertips. This really is among those little information that may really create a car excellent. Like the majority of other compacts available on the market the inside has no premium feel, but it holds its own against others available on the market. For safety the Elantra has 6 standard air bags, adequate, but not class leading such as the 10 you find on a Mercedes Cruze. Trunk space is good, and it features split folding rear seats if you need more room.

On the road the car is well mannered and quite. The drive is not particularly sporty but it is pleasant. The steering feel is too light at low speeds, but it is effortless to make use of. The ride over rough roads is firm and solid. The Elantra handles well but does not quite have the excitement and feedback that a Honda Social or VW rabbit has. Power through the 148 horsepower 4 cylinder engine is put down to the road through a 6-speed manual or automatic transmission. Our examination car had the 6-speed automatic with manual shift mode. The transmission is responsive and quick to shift. The only real complaint relates to the trunk suspension set up. It is not fully independent, unlike competitors such as the Cuze, Social and Focus. This means ride and handling over rough roads is compromised. Fuel economy is always one of the top priorities in this class, and also the Elantra promises to lead the pack with 40 mpg according to the United States rating program. Hyundai Elantra review The bottom line: While not perfect this car represents one of the best values on the market today. Design, features and features economy combine to make it a winner.