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One of the much more attractive high qualities of a Ponzi program is that for extremely little work, if any sort of at all, associates can easily make a considerable return on their financial investments. Zeek Rewards Review Splice this in with a NETWORK MARKETING compensation strategy and also allow the word spread virally with the industry and also sooner or later you're bound to bring in the attention of other business functioning in the very same industry. With no strands affixed membership smart, it's no secret that numerous Zeek Rewards associates are involved mostly in other MLM possibilities that for some, forbid the cross advertising of other opportunity to their existing downlines. The stricter of these affiliate/distributor agreements also ban the mere participation in one more Multi Level Marketing business completely. However, as VIP point balances well up those wagering the multi-opportunity stakes in Zeek Rewards and also some other providers are no doubt locating themselves in the tough position of weighing up their major NETWORK MARKETING business with that of Zeek Rewards. Simply put, it's tough to disregard the returns Zeek Rewards pay daily for what may simply be deemed passive financial investment income ( by means of acquired consumers and also advertisement placing automation). When you contrast this to a traditional sales based NETWORK MARKETING option that counts on legitimate clients (not gathered e-mail addresses where the managers don't even recognize they've been enrolled and also do not need to actually purchase everything to be tallied as consumers), it does not take long for the Ponzi'esque returns to overshadow the earnings derived from a legit opportunity. With this unfortunately the inescapable occurs as well as Zeek Rewards members look to their own existing downlines in an attempt to increase their Zeek downlines. There's no quicker method to boost your very own investment returns than to encourage individuals you recognize to additionally spend as well as experience the passive payments this creates. Eventually sufficient associates are involved in a number of business that administration could no longer brush aside queries from their industry as well as in the most extreme cases, also locate themselves being gotten in touch with to make a public statement on the possibility in question. 2 days one such exec was Monavie's President of their North American and European markets, Randy Schroeder. Blasting Zeek Rewards on a July 16th Monavie "Leadership Mentoring" call, Schroeder ( that credits himself as being "one that has comprehensive understanding of the ( NETWORK MARKETING) market") declared that Zeek Rewards was a provider that " arrives as well as sweeps individuals in to a route that develops into a path of devastation". Zeek Rewards Top Team

Citing several requests "over the past many weeks seeking his point of view on Zeek Rewards ( probably from Monavie affiliates), Schroeder ( picture above) announced on the 16th that Zeek Rewards is " against the law, a pyramid program ( as well as) possibly a Ponzi program". Clarifying on why, Schroeder specifies that "one of the most effective means to forecast the future is to properly as well as very study the past". He at that point takes place to explanation that providers whose compensation technique is even remotely like the way people are compensation in the course called Zeek Rewards, falls method outside of the FTC guidelines in regards to exactly what's genuine in the network marketing or direct selling sector. I suggest way, way, way outside the guidelines. My hunch is that Schroeder is speaking especially pertaining to internal consumption and that in its existing type ( and also for the past year and a half), Zeek Rewards has functioned with around A HUNDRED % inner consumption by way of affiliates acquiring bids to hand out. When these bids are handed out, or dumped onto consumer bank accounts ( made with an e-mail address, as well as in countless instances where the manager of the e-mail address has not subscribed themselves or is even aware they are being registered to Zeekler, Zeek Rewards's penny public sale arm), the Zeek Rewards associate who provided the bids they themselves bought away, then goes on to gain a 90 day ROI on their bid acquisition. The most significant business Schroeder contrasts Zeek Rewards to would of course be Advertisement Search Daily, a Ponzi scheme that supplied ludicrous returns declaring its associates were purchasing advertising and marketing. In Zeek Rewards, the business claims its members are buying penny auction bids as well as gives similar ludicrous returns, believed to be by and large moneyed by affiliate funds. Zeek Rewards reject to clarify if this holds true and/or release documents proving typically. CEO Paul Burks claims that the make up of the daily ROI that Zeek Rewards pays is a " exclusive secret". Based on this, Schroeder concludes that Zeek Rewards will definitely " pertain to grief in the reasonably near future, not far into the future", I believe when people are being inquired to invest ten thousand dollars in to a program with the concept they need to do no work however will receive excessively high returns, is shouting out in advance: " Do not do it, do not do it, do not do it, do not do it!" And also yet so alluring is the concept of rapid funds for which one need not work that alot of individuals are receiving swept in to that trail. Presently I would definitely just to give you all my word of caution, it's gunna blowup, it's gunna be an ugly blowup, it'll undoubtedly occur sooner not later and it will definitely leave a path of devastation behind it. It's forbidden, it's a pyramid, it's most likely a Ponzi system, it's going to get closed down-- don't acquire scooped in to it. Including more weight to Schroeder's words is a brief look at the kinds of people the Multi Level Marketing cent auction niche has actually brought in so far: Zeek Rewards-- it's no secret that countless of the best earners in Zeek Rewards were top users in the Ponzi program Ad Browse Daily. Most likely a fair piece of the initial investment seed money pumped in to Zeek Rewards came directly from Ad Search Daily Bidify-- Bidify's Chief Creative Police officer, Frode Jorgensen has a past with being involved in offshore profit opportunites that really resembled Ponzi systems. Many some other creators exist, having said that they are shrouded in secrecy with Bidify to date not divulging the precise corporate structure of the provider Bids That Offer-- CEO as well as originator Randy Jeffers has had multiple Multi Level Marketing businesses shut down by United States authorities

The most recent Multi Level Marketing penny auction to appear on my radar is 'Igobidwin' ( even being marketed as " International Paradigm Change", "Ultimate Power Profits", " Strength Profits", "Spinfinity" and also "MyTurnOnTop"), which is being launched by GlobalOne Providers LLC. Not much is known at this point (the company is expected to launch at some point in the following few weeks) however there seems possible ties in between GlobalOne Business LLC and the pyramid system feeder OneX. Members of Igobidwin that purchased their membership using bank card, observed they were being billed by 'SIGNATURELIFE QLX', the very same company that turned up on OneX associate receipts. OneX was a feeder into QLXChange, which in turn fed associates in to a globe of unethical closed-door investment options, with involvement simply let if a non-disclosure contract was signed. At the end of the day whichever Multi Level Marketing dime auction you're taking into account, they all operate on the essential concept idea that associates spend $ x, acquire some sort of web money points then make an successful ROI) $ x based on just how many points they have, with the points lapsing after a specific period. Associates can of course increase their points ( and also successful ROI) by re-investing the returns the business pays out daily, and/or recruiting new investors ( associates) as well as receiving them to invest. Virtually ONE HUNDRED % of the income generated by these providers is using member acquisitions ( financial investments in bids with the sole buying inspiration being to switch them in to points for the day-to-day ROI offered) as well as thereby the exact same is true of where the cash these companies are paying stems from. This alone is sufficient investigation of the usual primary company design used by NETWORK MARKETING cent auctions (you won't ever before see one of these launch that merely pays out typical commissions on the sale of dime public auction bids, because there are no real retail clients), however when you consider that is entailed at the top levels of the companies in the specific niche, either at a administration degree or as top earners, the work is on the wall. No doubt efforts will certainly be made to merely brush off Schroeder's remarks as "jealousy", " negative opinions" or additional prideful labels, having said that little can be said to negate his claims. I suggest you can do the whole pseudo conformity song and dance and \* winkwink nudgenudge \* call a wolf in sheep's garments a zebra, however functionally this modifications absolutely nothing. No matter what front business you attach to it, no matter what you call associate financial investments and no matter just how hard you punish your members for using financial investment terminology under the guise of " conformity", an income chance that pays returns ( promised or not) based on just how much seed money a new members injects into the system, which is made up of the cash brand-new and also existing affiliates have actually both at first put in and continue to re-invest so about increase their day-to-day returns, is a Ponzi system. Exactly how anyone who has actually been or is involved in the home based business market for more than 10 moments and may cherish the idea of selling products to genuine retail clients and making a commission on pointed out sales could think normally, continues to baffle me.

You can hear Randy Schroeder's opinions relating to Zeek Rewards in their entirety underneath:

Note that the above audio was taken from the July 16th Monavie "Leadership Mentoring" telephone call which in its entirety ran for 53 moments and 38 minutes. Zeek Rewards was not discussed or described in the rest of the call. Zeek Rewards Scam